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Dear All,          Medical and Security Arrangements

We would like to offer some support and guidance with your participation at this years World Team Championships 2018 in Ghlin Mons, Belgium.

ER Systems has been asked to support the security and medical of all participants, but we cannot do this unless you help us to help you...

It is important to note the following guidance (Medical )

  1. You are travelling for a considerable amount of time, therefore please prepare medications plus 1 weeks worth to support your trip, If you have medication that you wish to notify the medical team please do.

  2. The weather will undoubtably change either very wet or very hot, therefore you need to plan for this , in particular wet weather and warm gear for yourselves and your animals (Ponies and Dogs) and or Cooling blankets, leg coolers , sun cream and hats for shade if it is hot.

  3. The medical team will treat you for all injuries and illnesses which happen at the show-ground, however there is only so many items we can carry and or stock, therefore be prepared to bring medical first aid bags , ice packs, pain relief yourselves as you should do if you travel and particularly in sport, consider this also for the ponies

  4. There will be 24 hour cover at the show-ground from 0800hrs Monday until the following Sunday 0800hrs, you may possibly be refereed to the pharmacy, the local doctor or the main hospitals, sometimes we may even ask for a local ambulance to attend... In an emergency we will transport you, however all costs related to anything medical after this is yours. All staff are very well trained, and accept a lot of responsibility, therefore please respect this contribution that ultimately allows you to be safe .


Security in the broader context is everyones responsibility, and whilst you are engaged with one of the best sports in the world, security matters do not go away, please support the team in helping you to help everyone enjoy this fun but competitive week.

  1. Please do not bring expensive items such as watches and jewellery, the organisation cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items. In terms of generators, equipment, saddles or anything valuable you have a responsibility for your own items. Lock them away regardless if not being used.

  2. The show-ground is an open site albeit protected by gate entry , however there is ER Systems patrolling security officers and the visual acuity of the wider IMGA members. However anyone local can easily access the site, if you are suspicious of anybody please report it, take a photograph, but at least tell somebody right away. Do not put yourself in harms way or come into conflict make sure you call for help.

  3. Gates by design are meant to be shut, for the safety of everyone but most importantly for your ponies please no excuse shut the gate each time every time.We operate a safe site, this is your responsibility.

  4. Litter, this has to be alongside smoking one of the hardest things to ever manage, but I for one do not like litter being thrown everywhere more so as bins will be provided, along with smokers that you can with a little thought consider others that you put your finished cigarettes into the bin. Consider if it is very dry that you extinguish cigarettes in fear of starting a fire.

  5. Fire awareness is essential for a safe site... Refuelling generators, daytime and not under the influence, extinguishing cigarettes before discarding into a safe bin. Turning gas of a night if not in use , consider carbon monoxide poisoning and ventilate sleeping areas if using heaters. Be mindful of make shift Bar B Ques.

  6. If you witness anything related to Fire , raise the alarm quickly , evacuate all buildings, account for persons and move to a safe area, only fight the fire if you have the right equipment.

Sadly Sporting Activities attract terrorism as soft targets and we should not avoid the potential for this ... in the event of anything suspicious we should report immediately, Consider for an attack, RUN HIDE TELL procedures until it is safe to return... Consider Suspicious Objects or Bags using theHOT acronym is it Hidden Obvious or Typical ? if so report don’t touch. We all just have to be mindful of our surroundings and that Belgium police officers carry guns as normal ....If you are asked to do something by a member of our team or the emergency services, DO IT .



Being safe on the roads for our ponies and ourselves is paramount. Check your vehicles before you travel, check everything and everything again... Make sure you have the correct insurance and breakdown / recovery many times people take a chance and then come unstuck.. remember in Europe Mainland the drive is on the Right not as in UK as its on the left, drive accordingly and in the speed limit or you will get caught and often they get you at the borders or toll areas... Check your “Tyres, and the spare” . Fuels Oils and security of doors windows. Remember water for the ponies if you have to stop for any period.

If you leave the site to go anywhere DO NOT DRINK and DRIVE



You / We take this seriously and relates not only to children but also to vulnerable adults too. In games this has been a growing concern that we take responsibility for each other in ALL circumstances. We accept that alcohol will be consumed, but please please consider others as well as yourself, their are to many examples of vulnerability following the consumption of alcohol and potentially drugs . We accept no responsibility of the outcome if you are under the influence and in a dangerous way, We will need to take action on this ... In terms of children being on their own, it is a parental responsibility to manage your children in any event, please be responsible ....


Push Bikes / Cycles

A sporting nightmare that can spoil any good competition, BIKES and PONIES do not mix be responsible there will be areas where Push Bikes and Cycles will be out of Bounds , watch your speed.



This I have no issue about reminding people , that the WTC 2018 is a competition and that sport is won on “Small Margins” to do this most come to compete , however there will be a small proportion of individuals that may overstep the mark. I cannot say enough that in sport we must consider :


Teamwork Respect Enjoyment Discipline Sportsmanship

with these core values we can all have a very positive experience
In turn I urge you and finally to respect the Belgium Organisation , all the staff and anyone who have worked very hard to bring this competition together. Abuse and Disrespect to the officials including my staff (Security / Medical ) will politely not be tolerated .

Emergency Hotline for the Duration +44 (0) 7843569451

Andrew Gibson
Director and Tactical Advisor
Medical Director Polarm International
Specialist Paramedic Mcp PA08279
Mobile: +44 (0) 7843569451
Emergency Response Systems Ltd, Unit 3 Manor Farm Offices, Churchend, Charfield, Gloucestershire, GL12 8LJ

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