I will come with a vehicle of + 3.5T at the World Championship.

For vehicles over 3.5T in Belgium, there is a kilometer charge. You will find all the information about this on the website of Viapass


What is included in the entry fees?

The entry fee is € 3,600 per team and includes:

- 5 breakfast for the 6 riders and 1 trainer 

- 4 evening meal for the 6 riders and 1 trainer

- the Gala dinner for the 6 riders and 1 trainer

- 6 stables

- camping and facilities access  for the 6 riders and 1 trainer

- 1 electric hook up

- parties access

- Paramedic cover by ERS

- 7 vouchers for the aquatic park "Le Grand Large"

- 6 camping and facilities acces wristband for supporters 


What are the packages available?

You can find and buy our different packages on the SHOP page.


What can I eat on site?

You will find breakfast and evening meals from our caterer "Le Plaisir de Recevoir" on the MEALS page. You can buy them in the  SHOP. For vegeterian, select "Veggie" instead of "Standard" when you order.

For lunch, Food trucks will be available on site.


Are shaving supplied with my stable?

All stables are bedded with shavings on arrival. Further shavings will be available to purchase on site. (10€)


Is there hay supplied?

No but they will be available to purchase on site. (7€/bale)


Is there corralling allowed on site?

No corralling allowed unless a vet certificate is produced and the organisers are informed before the competition. Caution, only the ponies who take part at the WTC will benefit from this exception.

For a same pony, it's either a corral or a stable, not both. So if you choose the corral, you will not be allowed to have a stable.


Are dogs allowed on site?

Yes but they must be on lead at all times!


What are the rules regarding pony injections?

FEI rules apply regarding pony injections. All the information on the FEI website


Can I book an extra stable?

        You can book an extra stable at a cost of 120€/stable and it must be booked. Caution, the number is limited.


Gala dinner theme?

Suits for men / Dresses for women 


Where can I stay  with my pony between ETC and WTC?

The solution we have to offer is to get in contact with the Following stables that are close to the showground:


Poney Club de Besonrieux

Address: Rue du Mignault, 88 - 7100 Besonrieux (22km from Ghlin)

Contact details: 0032498318677 (French/English)

                             0032496532778 (French only)


About 10 stables available, 12€/day including hay and straw

Possibility for camping on site and there is an IbisHotel nearby


Arnaud Bonbeck

Address: Soignies (30' from Ghlin)

Contact details: bonbeck.arnaud@gmail.com

About 4stables and space for coralling, 12€/day including hay and straw


Centre équestre de Thieusies

Address: Rue de la Roche 3 - 7061 Thieusies (12km from Ghlin)

Contact details: 0032495264073


About 8 stables available, 20€/day including straw

Possibility to park a few lorry, bed and breakfast nearby.


Ecurie Saint-Pierre

Address: Chemin Saint-Pierre, 34 - 7030 Saint-Symphorien (10km from Ghlin)

Contact details: ecuriesaintpierre@yahoo.be

Stables available, price not known

Possibility to park lorry and trailers but accomodation around not known