For the meal, we offer a buffet with three themed stalls.

So there will be something for everyone!

 "Italian" stall
Tagliatelle with salmon, Penne à la Carbonara, Fusillis with seafood, Tortellinis with spinach
Lasagna with "Bolognaise" (grated Parmesan and Gruyère)
Assortment of mozzarella tomatoes, marinated aubergines and grilled courgettes.
Duo of melon with parma ham
Variety of Antipasti and Italian charcuterie
Squid with parmisena
Italian breads and "Italian grissini"
 "Scandinavian" stall
Northern Salmon
Smoked Tip
Honeyed salmon aiguillette
Scandinavian Tourte
Roll of sole with salmon
Mash potatoes
Tomato shrimps gray
Terrine of the sea
"Asian" stall
Chinese noodles in salad
Rice salad
Varieties of spring rolls and their sauces
Sweet and sour scampi
Shop suey
Sushi + sauce